How Much Do Shutters Cost?

Plantation shutters are a premium fixture because they’re a lot nicer than a cheap plastic set of blinds and they’re a lot less finicky than curtains. There’s a lot to love, but it leaves some customers asking how much do shutters cost?

There are a number of factors that can determine the final price, including the finish and materials you choose, whether you’re paying a middle-man in a retail store, and whether you install them yourself or have a professional install them.

There’s something special about this style, which has many people wanting them regardless of the cost of plantation shutters.

We’re confident that we can put something together to fit just about any budget, so if you’re curious to learn more, keep reading or reach out to us right now!

How Much Do Shutter Blinds Cost On Average?

The numbers we’re about to mention are very rough guidelines and shouldn’t be taken as official estimates. Let’s assume each window in your house is about 1 square meter. The cost per window will start at around £175, and work its way up to £350 at the higher-end. 

Depending on the options you choose, the size of your windows, and how many windows are in your home, the average cost can start around £1,500 for the home. If you’re only doing a bay window, or a kitchen, or your bathroom window, the cost will be quite a bit less than that.

Bay window shutters cost a bit less because you don’t need to cover the entire window. If you decide to install the shutters yourself you’ll save some money as well. 

Instead of relying on a rough guess, you can reach out to us to book a free in-home visit where one of our friendly shutter professionals will stop by your home to go over some options, measure your windows, and give you an accurate price quote.

Here’s What Influences the Cost of Shutters (UK)

We do our best to keep our shutters as affordable as possible. This includes working directly with the factories where they’re made, offering fantastic DIY kits with in-depth instructions and templates, and having a variety of options, sizes, styles and finishes so that you can find the perfect fit.


The installation process can be very simple in most cases, but some window trims are more difficult and require more work from our professional installers. A unique shaped window or any other factor that makes it a more involved installation will slightly increase the cost.

Beyond that, if a window is very high up off the ground, that can also increase the difficulty of the installation, and thus the cost.


You can get shutters made from basswood, or hardwoods. The basswood is more common, thus less expensive.

Hardwoods, either smooth or grained, are also available and can increase the cost by about a third, up to about fifty percent.

All of the woods we use are great, and the basswoods are still very high quality and look fantastic. It mostly comes down to budget, and if you want to spring for the hardwood or not. 


Larger windows require more materials, and more time to install, so the costs go up. If you’re only interested in covering a few smaller windows, that will cost less than covering giant windows or a lot of windows, but the only way to know exactly what it will cost is to get in touch with us so we can arrange a no-obligation visit, or send you more information about our DIY kits.

Are They Worth The Price?

How much are plantation shutters worth compared to other types of window treatments? In the short term, they can cost a bit more than blinds or a curtain, but in the long run, they end up being well worth the investment since you’ll enjoy them that much more. Here are some of the reasons they cost a bit more, and you can decide whether or not it’s worth it for you.

They last a very long time

Plantation shutters never go out of style, for starters. What’s more, they’re very durable so not only will they stay in great shape for many, many years – you’ll still be happy to see them because they’ll never go out of style like a pair of curtains will.

They’re easy to clean

All it takes is a quick wipe to keep them clean. Whether you go with hardwood or vinyl, it only takes a few moments to clean your shutters and they’ll look like they’re brand new again. There are also attachments for vacuums that fit easily in between each slat. 

They give you more control over your room

Adjustable plantation shutters give you control over your room in a number of ways. They give you the ability to decide how much light gets in and to make adjustments 

This style of shutter is very versatile. They come in so many different shapes and configurations. They’ll help you control how much light enters your room at different times of the day and they’ll do the same for airflow.

Being able to quickly and easily make these adjustments, like being able to tilt your shutters to let in a bit of light for an ambiance, or none, when it’s time to watch a movie, is a great quality-of-life upgrade that isn’t as easy with other window treatments.

Privacy In Your Home

Do you have nosy neighbors but you still want some sunlight in the kitchen when you cook lunch? Shutters can block out your neighbors or passersby while still letting in some brightness. The panels are larger than you find on typical blinds, so they offer more privacy while still letting in the sun and fresh air.

Investing in Quality: How Much are Shutters?

How much are window shutters going to improve your living area? If you’re unhappy with your current window situation, then the improvement will be drastic! Sometimes, it pays off to get something of very high quality that you’re going to love.

When is it worth spending a bit more? When it’s going to last a long time, when it adds function to your living space, when the style is incredible and it can be a focal point in the room’s overall aesthetic, and when you’re getting a great value for your money. In those cases, you’ll never end up regretting your purchase.

We understand that plantation shutters cost a bit more than some of the other ways that you can cover your window, but we’ve also taken many steps to ensure we’re bringing our customers the very best value that’s available. In the long run, once you factor in everything, plantation shutters offer a great value proposition, and here are some tips to spend even less…

How To Save Money on your Plantation Shutters

  • Plantation shutters on dormer windows: Dormier windows are generally smaller and out of the way. They often feature prominently on the front of your home, so a small upgrade here can make a major difference. Since they’re relatively small and relatively easy to install, plantation shutters for dormer windows are a great value.
  • Choosing a regular finish: If you’d like a hardwood finish where you can see the grain, it’s going to cost a bit extra but if you’re okay with a regular finish, you can get your shutters for a lower price.
  • DIY Installation: Our installation pros do great work, but if you would rather get a DIY kit – this is an opportunity to spend quite a bit less by doing more of the work yourself. You save on the labour cost, and you get to do an important project that you’ll feel very proud of.
  • Having normal window shapes: If you have round windows, triangular, or other unique shapes then the manufacturing and installation processes will cost more. If you’re doing regular square or rectangle windows, it will cost less.

Hopefully, we’ve answered all of your questions about how much shutters cost and offered some useful tips to help fit your budget.

If you have any additional questions, or you would like to begin the simple process of getting plantation shutters installed in your UK home, it’s time to drop us a line – we’re looking forward to assisting you.