Buy Manufacturer Direct Wooden Plantation Shutters

When you buy plantation shutters direct from the manufacturer, you’re eliminating a lot of middlemen like retail stores who have very high overheads and therefore need to add big markups on top of the price.

We’ve helped many UK homeowners outfit their living spaces with gorgeous shutters, and that has allowed us to forge great relationships with the very best manufacturers, giving us the ability to work directly with them. We take your order, we send it to the manufacturer, and it’s made specifically to your measurements for your home.

By taking the time to find the best manufacturers and to work closely with them, we are able to pass that quality on to you. We’re also able to pass the savings on to you.

As a customer, the end result is a better product at a better price without having to try to navigate the process alone. We’re here with our very friendly and helpful representatives to help you with every step of the process whether you choose to have us install them or do a DIY installation.

Getting the Best Shutters Direct From the Factory

Are you wondering why you should go direct with us instead of walking into any old window treatment store and picking something off the shelf? There are a number of advantages to getting your plantation shutters factory direct, such as:

Service: Our job is to help you. It’s our main focus and our top priority. We’re experts when it comes to plantation shutters because we eat, sleep, and breathe them on a daily basis. The expertise that comes from dealing with specialists ensures that you’re getting the best options and that they’ll look and function their best once they’re in your home. We’ll explain everything to you, and we’ll notice any possible challenges before it’s too late. We’re here to take care of the stuff that you don’t even know about yet, the 1 out of 100 types of things that a big box store wouldn’t even notice.

Lowest Price for Best Quality: We’ve already outlined what allows us to keep our prices low while ensuring our quality stays at the top. Beyond that, we offer different materials and finishes to fit most budgets. If you’re going through the trouble of picking a style, and having it installed (or installing it yourself), then it’s worth knowing that your shutters are going to last you for a very, very long time.

Better Selection: We don’t have a giant warehouse sitting somewhere filled with pre-cut shutters that our salespeople will try to unload on you. Each and every order we take is custom-measured, custom-cut and custom-fit for the exact windows in your home. Because of this, we offer a much better selection. Other outlets have to pick and choose which items to stock, but we don’t manage inventory like that, so we can offer the most popular choices along with many of the more specific and unique options that you just won’t find everywhere.

No Guesswork: We’ll send a representative to your home to help measure and help you decide which options will work best, or we’ll send you some samples of our DIY kits (that come with great instructions, templates, and more). Either way, you’re never on your own. We’re here to help with every step of the process, and we take accountability for everything since we’re working directly with the factories. If you’re tired of getting the run-around when it comes to home stuff, you’ll love working with us.

Forget about being stuck with a catalogue and trying to imagine what it might look like in your home, that’s not good enough, so we’ll send you samples so you can see and feel our products for yourself before ordering.

Buy your plantation shutters direct from The Great British Shutter Company

Getting The Best Price by Going Direct

Retail stores all have something in common, whether they are a large store or a small specialty boutique. They all have very high operating costs compared to us.

They have retail rent to pay, salaries for their sales staff, commissions, advertising budgets, and a bunch of other expenses that have nothing to do with helping you get better quality shutters.

When you buy shutters retail, you’re paying for all of those things and then for the company to earn a profit on top of that. When you buy direct from us, there’s arent a dozen different hands in the cookie jar. We visit your home because that’s the best way to show you what’s possible, and we send your order directly to a factory. It’s that simple., and it means you save money and it means that our top priority is getting you a great product.

More About Buying Plantation Shutters Direct From Manufacturer

Do you like making choices about how your home’s going to look? Here are some of the decisions you’ll need to make (if you aren’t sure, don’t worry, we’ll help!)

  • What configuration do you want? There are full height plantation shutter configurations, cafe style, tier on tier, and more. We’ll explain what the differences are.
  • How large do you want the slats to be? Our louvred slats are available in four different sizes depending on how wide you’d like each slat to be.
  • What materials would you like? Do you want to see the natural grain of hardwood or do you want a solid colour or a special finish? We’ll show you how each option looks.

You can achieve subtle calming styling, or something louder and more dramatic. What are you looking to achieve in your home? Do you want your shutters to blend in with your existing design, or do you want them to be a new focal point of the room and something you can draw inspiration from?

What About Delivery?

The worst part about dealing with a store (besides the price, service, etc) is having to go pick up your order once they finally get it ready. What a chore, especially if you don’t have a truck or a van.

When you work with us, we’ll have your order delivered right to your home.

Custom Designs and Configurations as Unique as Your Home

Buying plantation shutters factory direct means that whatever options you choose will be made-to-order. We have infinite possibilities when it comes to finishes, styles, configurations, and designs. Your home is unique and you should have shutters that were made for your home.

You always know what to expect with us! Retailers can change supplies, or get a bad batch, or have supplies go out of business… when you need answers to your questions, are they going to be there for you?

Are You Ready to Get Started?

Here’s what you need to do when you’re ready to begin the process of getting beautiful new plantation shutters installed in your home.

  • Plantation shutters are our specialty and our priority.
  • We work with you to choose the right options for your home.
  • Our shutters can fit any normal-size windows and any unique shapes as well.
  • We offer a variety of materials and finishes to suit your home.
  • Whenever you’re ready, we can come by for an informative visit with absolutely no cost or commitment required.

Reach out to us using our online form and we’ll help you get things moving on upgrading your home with wood shutters direct from the factory.