Stirling Shutters: Supply & Installation Services

Have you started to notice more homes with plantation shutters in Stirling? While this style of window covering has been around for a long time and has a timeless appeal to it, Stirling shutters are becoming a more and more common sight.

We think this is because we’ve been able to make the ordering process so simple and bring down the costs for quality plantation shutters so much that they really stand in a league of their own compared to other options out there.

We work locally to source the best quality shutters and to deliver them to our customers factory-direct which has a number of benefits including greater selection, better fit, and higher quality for the cost. 

If you’re thinking of getting plantation shutters for your Stirling home, we want to help you get the best package and to feel totally comfortable with the entire process. It doesn’t have to be intimidating, and working with locals means we know what works best in your area. 

When you try to get shutters from big box stores, it’s hard to find great advice because the people working there have to be knowledgable in so many different areas of home improvement that they don’t really master any of the fine details.

We’re completely dedicated to sourcing plantation shutters and installing them in our customer’s homes to their exact specifications, and we can make many useful suggestions throughout the process. We are experts when it comes to plantation shutters, and here’s what you can expect when you’re dealing with the best…

Plantation Shutters in Stirling: Step-by-Step of What to Expect

When you fill out the form on this page to request more information from us, we will reach out to you to answer any questions you have. Here’s how it works…

First, we’ll get in touch to figure out a time that’s convenient to stop by and visit you in your home. Being face to face helps us understand all of your needs or concerns when it comes to making this upgrade to your home. It also gives us a chance to help you visualize exactly what your shutters will look like, and how much they’ll improve your space in both style and function.

We will measure your windows and explain the various options we offer in terms of woods and finishes. There are a lot of options to choose from, and we’ll help you compare treating your windows as a focal point to the room or having them blend in. We’ll also show you the different slat sizes that are available. Getting an accurate measurement is critically important.

When you’re ready to order, it’s time to send along your order to the factory who will make your shutters perfect-to-order based on our measurements and specifications.

Once your plantation shutters are ready, they will arrive at your door. If you have scheduled to have us install them, we’ll send by one of our trusted installers who will fit them into place for you. All you’ve got to do is decide which shutters you want, and we can even help with that!

If you would rather install them yourself, it’s definitely something you can handle if you’re even slightly handy with tools. We provided detailed instructions, templates, and complete guidance to help you get your plantation shutters installed yourself, and of course, you can always have us take care of the installation instead.

Who Installs Plantation Shutters in Stirling for Us?

We’re always on the lookout for skilled shutter installers to join our network and to help serve our incredible customers. We understand that trusting something to come into your home to do work can feel like a leap of faith, which is why we seek out friendly professionals who understand the value of doing things right the first time. Measure twice, cut once.

If you would rather install yourself, as we mentioned, that’s a great option too. The installation process involves affixing the frame to your windowsill and then placing the shutters in place, making sure everything is lined up correctly, and then tightening the shutters into place.

Plantation Shutters Outside Stirling and Area

If you’re outside of Stirling, you should still reach out to us! We have installers available in many nearby areas, and we are looking forward to hearing from you and answering any questions you may have. The factories that we partner with can ship the custom plantation shutters right to your door.

As these shutters grow in popularity across the UK, we hope to continue to expand our areas of coverage. To find out if we can help you outfit your home with your dream pair of plantation shutters, just fill out our quick form and we’ll be in touch with you very shortly.

Why Choose Us For Your Stirling Plantation Shutters?

Unlike big retail stores, we come right to your home so we’re the most convenient option. Every order is custom-built so we can offer a much larger selection of finishes and colours, and we can cut shutters to fit just about any size window you could possibly have.

We are your neighbors, we know how Stirling is in each season and why that matters when selecting shutters. Working with local companies means that you won’t be in for any negative surprises. We take everything into consideration because this is what we do every single day.

We measure your windows so you know the final product will fit perfectly.

Our installers are professional and easy to work with because they’re pros at what they do and they’ll get the job done right, at your convenience.

Fill out the form on this page and we will get in touch with you. We can explain the entire process, answer any questions you might have so far, and then we can schedule a free, no obligation in-home visit to go over your options.

You’re going to love your new plantation shutters, so let’s get started today!