Plantation Half Window “Cafe Style” Shutters

You can have it all with cafe style shutters, also known as half shutters. The reason they’re called half shutters is because they cover half of the window (the bottom half), rather than having larger panels that span the entire height of a window. It’s like a cute little cafe somewhere in France.

This is a conscious design choice that saves on materials and labour, and works perfectly in certain installations. Other times, you may want a full-size shutter panel instead, so we’re going to go over some of the distinctions between these styles to help you decide which one is right for your home.

Café style shutters need to be installed strategically and you need to have a full understanding of what they can and cannot do. If you’re facing a busy street or in any room where you want to be able to completely shut out the outside world for full privacy, keep in mind that the top half of your window is exposed if you’re going with a cafe style configuration.

When To Choose Cafe Style Shutters

During the day, cafe shutters will let in light through the top half and can let in even more light if you open the slats that occupy the bottom panels. This is great if you want a view of the sidewalk in front of a cafe, to look out into your backyard, or anywhere else in a home or business where you’re not looking for privacy. On the other hand, you would never want this type of configuration for the loo, for a bedroom, for a living room that looks out into a busy street, or anywhere that privacy is expected. 

Cafe shutters also aren’t the best for home theater rooms, you won’t be able to block out the reflection from the sun during the afternoon and evening due to the top section of the windows being left uncovered.

Cafe Style Plantation Half Shutters

So, you probably have a pretty good idea by now whether or not cafe style window shutters are a good fit for your room. We can help you go over each room in your home to decide which configuration will work best in each area.

You’ll often see them implemented very nicely in kitchens behind a sink. It allows you to see out into the yard while washing the dishes, but to close the shutter portion in the evening. Most people aren’t too concerned with anyone seeing into the top portion of their kitchen windows since it’s usually above eye-level and looking out into the backyard. We’ll go over some solutions for people who want cafe style plantation shutters and to block visibility for the top half before the end of the page.

Learning How To Install Cafe Style Shutters Online

The installation process and cost are always things to consider when buying new hardware for your home. Whether you’re paying for installation or want to do it yourself, it’s something that will need to factor into your overall budget.

Compares to a lot of other jobs around the house, installing shutters yourself is a relatively quick and simple process. The important part is getting the right measurements for your windows so that we can ensure that your shutters are manufactured to the exact specifications of your home.

If you would like us to install your shutters for you, we’ll start out by stopping by your home to go over the details and answer any questions you may have before you even place your order. We’ll also take accurate measurements for you. Once your custom-made shutters arrive to your door, we’ll come back and install them. The process is very quick. It’s just a matter of mounting the hardware for the shutter frames, and installing each panel, and then ensuring that everything is properly aligned.

If you would rather go the DIY route, the process is still quite similar. If you can screw in the frame and mount the panels, you can do this yourself. We’re still here to help, just an email or a phone call away if you run into any confusion or snags along the way. We pride ourselves 

Cafe Style Window Shutters

Using Curtains to Cover The Top Half

Some people will opt for a combination of a short curtain and cafe shutters. This gives you the ability to block light and sight from the top half of the windows, which is the one drawback for certain installations of this type of shutter.

This works nicely if the windows are spaced out in your room because it adds height to the flow of the room. It gives you an opportunity to choose a curtain colour or pattern that will look nice with your shutters. You can open the curtains when you want to let the full sun in, and you can close them when you would like a bit more privacy. This is similar to tier on tier shutters in terms of function, except that instead of wooden slats on the top half of the window, you’ll have fabric curtains instead.

The aforementioned combination works great in a kitchen, too. It can also be great for a bedroom if you want to let more light and sun into your room during the day.

Style Options with Cafe Shutters for Your Home

Cafe shutters can work in a lot of different areas. In a bay window, they’re a great way to ensure that a lot of light gets in. If you have very tall windows in any part of your home, that’s another good use for these.

Colours: We have stained and painted woods available, including premium hardwood that looks great unpainted. Hardwood weights a bit more, and costs a little bit more, but if you want stained wood shutters then hardwood is an excellent option. If you opt for painted shutters, you can choose something that will blend in with your room, or something that will stand out.

Frames: Frames for these shutters can be mounted inside of the existing window frame, or just outside of it. The best option will depend on factors like whether or not your windows are recessed (or how recessed they are), if there’s a handle or knob that could get in the way, which direction your windows are facing, and more. We can go over all of these considerations with you during one of our no-obligation, in-home visits.

Interior/exterior: In some cases, like if you don’t plan on adjusting them very often, exterior shutters might be the way to go. You can mount shutters along the outside of your windows in many of the same configurations that you would use indoors, but you’ll need shutters that are meant to withstand the stresses of being outdoors.

What’s Next?

Fill out the form on this page and we’ll go over all of the details about the ordering process and what you can expect. Ordering half shutters through us means you’ll save money compared to big-box retailers, you’ll get a higher quality product, and you’ll get white-glove service from start to finish.