Dormer Window Blinds: The Shutter Solution

If you have dormer windows in your home and you’re looking for blinds to cover them, that’s your first problem. Blinds and dormer windows just aren’t an ideal match. Shutters are a better solution for a number of reasons. Let’s go over why shutters are advantageous to blinds for dormer windows, and some of the options you have to get shutters installed in the UK.

Back to the dormer window. If you have one of these (or several) on your home, you’re lucky. Dormers add a very unique style, they give you an extra little nook of space in your home, and they provide extra sunlight and fresh air that you wouldn’t have with just a plain roof. A large dormer means that the ceiling in your upstairs floor won’t have to be on an angle that eats up a lot of living space.

You can put in all sorts of work in your front yard, your driveway, and designing the rest of your home to look great as you pull in from a long day – but don’t forget about window treatments! Windows naturally draw the eyes, and that is especially true with dormer windows. Having a gorgeous pair of shutters can be a statement piece to your home’s overall aesthetic, whether you’re looking from the inside or from the outside.

Plantation shutters aren’t only popular because of how they look, people love how functional they are. Shutters give you total control over how much light can get in, they’re quick and easy to adjust, and they also allow for privacy while still letting in the fresh air. What’s not to love?

Practical Reasons to Choose Dormer Window Shutters Instead of Dormer Window Blinds

We’ll get back to the topic of style and design, but first, let’s go over the practical reasons that make plantation shutters the ideal choice for your dormer windows.

About Dormer Windows

Before comparing these two window treatments, let’s get a few facts out there about dormer windows. This may give you some ideas to use for your own windows.

Dormer windows are a great place to put a rocking chair, a lounger, plants, and any number of things. It can be a great little place to spend time, or you can use it as a location to put a tall plant, a grandfather clock, a hat rack, and anything else that might not normally fit in your upstairs due to the angle of the ceiling.

Dormer windows are usually quite small. This is a huge benefit for somebody that wants plantation shutters. Shutters for dormer windows are simpler to fabricate, they’re lighter to ship, and they take up less material. Not only that, but they work a lot better than curtains or blinds, no matter what you want to use this space for.

Since these windows are often in parts of the home that are off on their own in a less-trafficked part of the home, you don’t have to worry about choosing dormer blinds that will clash in terms of colour. You should consider how they’ll look from the front of your home, rather than trying to make them match with the inside. You can take a step outside and imagine what different colours would look like. 

Do you want something that’s going to stand out and really leap out from the rest of your yard, or do you have other focal points? If you want the attention elsewhere, you can go for a more subdued colour that will blend in better. If you want your shutters to be the stars of the show, you can choose something brighter and more unique.

Cons of Dormer Blinds

Blinds aren’t able to block out light as well as shutters are, for starters. Another problem with blinds is when you’ve got the window open and the blinds start to blow back and forth with the breeze. If you’re sitting right there, it can be annoying to have blinds blowing into you while you’re trying to relax or read a book.

Roman blinds might not fit perfectly, so you’re stuck with getting something made custom or having to live with something that’s just a bit too small. Neither case is ideal, and getting a custom made set of shutters makes a lot more sense. 

Why Shutters Are Better Than Blinds in Dormer Windows

Shutters steal the show because they’re just easier. They’re easier to match to the rest of the room’s style because they offer a timeless design that’s simple enough to work with anything, but still visually striking.

Shutters are easier to clean than blinds are, which is a big bonus in the long-run. Speaking of the long-run, shutters will last you a lot longer than blinds in most cases. Blinds can start to absorb too much dust and particles from the air that discolour them over time. Depending on what they’re made from, you might have to vacuum them or wash them by hand instead of being able to simply wipe the dust off as you can do with shutters.

Why Do Dormer Shutters Look So Good Visually?

If eyes are the windows to the soul, windows are the eyes of our homes. They let us see out, and they also let us decide who can see in. If you want privacy, dormer shutters are your best option. If you want privacy and fresh air, once again, all signs point to shutters!

Dormers really stand out on a home, literally and figuratively speaking. They’re a feature. Not only do they give you more room inside, but they also add a unique flair to the curb appeal.

Our shutters are available in a number of finishes and colours, so you’ll always be able to find something that’s going to look great in your home.

If the inside of your dormer window is in a tucked-away part of your home, it probably doesn’t get enough light. A shutter will really open up the area, giving you control over the light and making it look a lot larger than it really is.

Getting Dormer Shutters Installed in the UK

Most dormer windows are on the smaller size, and they’re typically quite uniform in shape. Some may be unique, like diamond or triangle shaped windows, but those are no problem for us either. In any case, most dormer installations are very straight forward so they’re one of the less expensive options if you’re shopping for shutters. These shutters are also lighter, and quite often accessible without a ladder.

We have a professional fleet of local installers who are more than happy to help you with this process, but if you would rather go the DIY route instead, we’ve still got your back.

While our installers can take care of this for you with relative ease, if you would rather save some additional money and install them yourself, we’ll provide you with a kit that includes everything you need. You’ll be able to accurately measure your space and then mount the frame, attach the panels, adjust a bit, and you’re all set.

Sometimes, the hardest part is choosing which style is right for you. We can also help with this part of the process. You’ll want to consider how much room you’ll need for the shutters to open and close and if it’ll be a comfortable fit or not.

Also, you may want to consider mounting the shutters outside instead. This could make it tougher to open and close them, so you lose some of the customization and practicality of shutters, but you maintain the style and appearance.

Plantation Shutters Are The Easiest Choice You’ll Make For Your Dormer Windows

There is no shortage of reasons to love shutters for most of your home’s windows, but if you’re only going to do one window, make it your dormer windows. It’s a great introduction to shutters, it’s the easiest DIY installation type, and if you decide to do the rest of the windows in your home, we’ll have the same styles available so everything can match.

  • Plantation shutters work incredibly well with small windows like dormer windows.
  • The windows and the shutters are complementary to one another.
  • It’s the most affordable way to give plantation shutters to try to see how much you’ll love them before deciding to do the rest of your house.

Find out why we hear so much positive feedback from our customers who order our dormer window shutters in the UK. Reach out to us today to learn more about the ordering process, to get an answer to any other questions you may have, or to book an in-home visit with one of our shutter experts who will be able to help you visualize exactly what to expect while making helpful suggestions along the way. If you already know exactly what you want, that’s great too! We’re looking forward to hearing from you.