Solid Wood Panel Window Shutters

As much as we love plantation style shutters, solid panel shutters are undeniably getting a lot of attention lately, and for good reason. This style can be traced back to past centuries but it has been making a resurgence lately.

There are advantages and disadvantages to solid wood shutters that don’t have slats. The slats give you a little extra control over how much light can enter your home, and a little more nuance whereas solid panels are either open or closed (or left partly ajar.) 

When solid panels are closed, they are essentially the same as if you just had a solid wall in place without a window, in terms of light and privacy. When they’re open, it’s the same as not having anything covering your window.

One area where solid panel shutters fall short is for people who want precise control to adjust the level of light that enters their room. Of course, you can open your solid panels to various degrees so you still have more control over light flow than with many other styles of shutters, but that’s not the main reason you would choose this style.

If you like to have a lot of light in your room during the day, and full privacy at night, then a solid panel can be a great option. It’s not just about function, though, because there’s something to be said about the strong and bold style of solid panel shutters. We’ll touch on all of this and a lot more for anyone who is thinking of going with this configuration or trying to decide between slats or solid.

Solid Panel Window Shutters

What Are Solid Panel Shutters, Anyways?

When installing shutters in a window, the shutters themselves have their own frame that sites inside or just outside of the window’s frame. The shutters frame holds panels. With plantation shutters, those panels consist of a number of louvred slats that can open and close in parallel to one another to determine how much light gets into the room. With solid paneled shutters, those slats are not present because there’s a solid piece of wood sitting inside of the shutter frame instead.

They look different than slatted shutters. Sometimes, it’s just a better look for a given room, but other times the solid panels aren’t necessarily the best option. We provide all sorts of shutters so whether you want something with slats, or something solid, or you’re still not sure which one is best – simply reach out to us and we can help you choose the best option, compare the costs, and answer all of your questions.

How To Make Solid Wood Shutters Work for Your Home

Wood panels still give you control over the light in your room, just not in the same way as slats do. Solid panels still use hinges, so you can open and close them. If you need help visualizing it, think of each panel as a little door that rests in your window. You can open a door, keep it closed, or leave it partway open and these panels are the same.

These work great in bedrooms where you probably want a lot of privacy, and you also want to be able to block out as much of that early morning sun as possible.

Solid Window Shutters in a Bedroom

If you have large windows (tall ones in particular), or glass doors, french patio doors, etc, and you want to cover them with shutters, then hybrid can be the best approach. This means having louvred slats for some of the panels, and solid panels for the other ones.

With doors, it’s common to find solid panels on the bottom half with slats on the top half. This looks better visually than having slats on the floor-level and also saves some money since solid panels are more economical and most people aren’t going to be kneeling onto the floor to adjust the lowest shutters anyways. Plus, if you really wanted to, you could always just open up the solid panel.

We offer solid panels in stained hardwood that really brings out the texture of the wood and looks gorgeous along the wall. Solids are also a great option if you plan on painting something custom on them. For example, you can paint a pattern or design you saw on Pinterest, or even something fun like clouds or stars for a child’s bedroom.

Why Choose Solid Wood Over Other Window Treatments?

Solid window shutters are the best option for blocking out light and even noise from outside. It’s an extra barrier for sounds to enter, which is especially useful for bedrooms. Blinds or curtains just don’t offer that, and they also often let in too much light. Light simply can’t get past a solid piece of wood.

  • Summer: They help keep your room cooler in the summer, offering shade and protection from the sun.
  • Winter: In the winter, they can help block drafts from your window.

There are also benefits when it comes to security. You’ll need extra hardware for this, but if security is a concern, you can configure your hardwood panel shutters as an extra layer of defense to discourage anybody from trying to enter. Now, if someone really wants to get in, they’ll be able to dismantle the shutters, but it could be enough to discourage someone, especially if they can’t even see what’s inside. With something as important as safety and privacy, every little bit counts, right?

Which Rooms Are Best-Suited For Panels That Are Solid?

As with any unique configuration, these will be better suited to some rooms than others. So, having an overall plan for your home is just as important as planning things out room-by-room. Having an overarching goal for your renovations or upgrades will pull everything together.

Here are the most common and practical uses for this style of shutter panel…

  • Bedrooms: We’ve had customers tell us their kids sleep better after getting solid panels. It’s probably due to the reduction in outside noises, and being able to ensure that the room stays darker for longer. It’s easier to fall back asleep in a darker room, rather than waking up too early and trying to sleep with the sun in your eyes.
  • Studies, Libraries, or Offices: If there are rooms in your home that you use for focusing on difficult tasks, or just to have some quiet time, these work great for the same reasons as mentioned above.
  • Old-Fashioned: If you’re going for a timeless, old-fashioned kind of aesthetic in a room, then solid panel shutters can really pull the look together. 

Classical Traditional Style

We’ve discussed the style and aesthetics of plantation shutters on this site plenty of times, but solid wood panels are even more of a traditional style if you want something classic and timeless. Again, you do give up a bit when it comes to certain functionality, but you also gain other traits so it’s a trade-off that makes perfect sense in some cases.

Any deliberate style choice that you make in your home is going to make a statement.

Final Considerations To Keep in Mind

Just to sum things up, here are some things you should keep in mind if you’re deciding whether this configuration is perfect for your home, or whether you would be better off with something different instead.

If you need more nuanced control of the brightness that can enter on sunny days, you may want to consider plantation shutters instead.

Solid shutters can cost a little bit more than louvred, which is something to consider. We’re happy to give you a customized quote so you’ll know exactly what the total cost would be with any of the options you’re considering.

Solid shutters can be a little heavier due to the panels using more wood than slats would require. They’ll still mount and stay in place just fine, it’s just something to keep in mind while installing.

The added security, increased privacy, and the ability to block out more light make these a perfect choice for certain circumstances. 

Ready To Get Them Into Your Home?

You don’t always have to choose between louvred slats or solid raised wooden window shutters. They can look great in a tier on tier configuration for tall windows and doors.

If you’d like to learn more or schedule an in-home appointment where we’ll visit at your convenience to explain everything, just fill out the form on this page or give us a call today.