White Wooden Plantation Window Shutters

You’ll see white plantation shutters in a lot of magazines, blogs, and decorating shows. They’re a wildly popular and stylish way to treat your windows, but they’re not a fad. They’ve always been well-loved, even if their popularity is currently on the rise. That’s just how it goes when you have a style that’s so versatile and timeless.

The reasons to consider choosing plantation shutters over other styles vary depending on the shape and size of your windows (or doors), but generally speaking shutters have many advantages over any other type of window treatment.

They’re easier to clean, they’re super simple to install, they’re very easy to maintain, they last much longer, and they look better during their lifespan. When the current trends match something that’s always been elegant and stylish, that’s a perfect opportunity to make the upgrade.

When it comes to white wooden window shutters, in particular, you can achieve such an incredible look. The white usually doesn’t stand out too much in a room, not the same way a bolder colour would, but it proves that a design doesn’t have to be loud to make an impact.

The striking aesthetics of white shutters will look fantastic in just about any room. They look great in colorful busy rooms to slow things down a bit, or in minimalist clean rooms, or darker rooms with other accept colours. You can’t go wrong.

4 Reasons White Wooden Window Shutters are Beautiful

If you’re on the fence about choosing a colour for your new window treatments, here are some of the benefits of going with white.

  • White shutters just have a clean look to them. They aren’t going to add any drama to the room’s style, they aren’t going to stick out in a bad way. They’re minimalist, but even in a more plain room, they can carry the show.
  • They match with white window casements which are pretty common, so by default, there’s a better-than-average chance that white shutters will already look right at home in your windows without having to paint. This results in an illusion that makes your windows look even bigger, as opposed to using contrasting colors for the casements and shutters which can shrink the room visually.
  • They’ll complement just about any other design styles in the room without taking away attention from your existing focal-points.
  • The clean, breezy aesthetic makes it feel like you’re on vacation somewhere warm, even in the middle of winter. There’s a tropical, far-away, sunny beach vibe that comes from this particular style of shutters.
White Wooden Plantation Window Shutters

Temperature Moderation and Light Control

Besides the way they look, California shutters can also add functionality to your home. Other window coverings don’t offer you the same control. They might have similar features but they don’t work as well. The diagonal design of the slats gives you extra control over sunlight and blocking rays from the sun that might otherwise get on your TV without having to completely block all of the light to the room. 

Also, you can allow more fresh air to enter the home when your shutters are open, but you can also adjust them in case there’s a little bit too much of a breeze. Blinds and curtains can offer these traits, kind of, but they just don’t work as well at moderating the airflow along with the flow of light.

Beyond that, the white colour of our shutters makes a big difference in and of itself. Darker colours attract more of the sun’s heat, whereas white and off-white plantation shutters are able to reflect more of that light away from your home, meaning it’ll be ever so slightly less warm on a hot day. A lot of heat gets into the home via the windows, so making the window less attractive to absorbing the sun’s energy is a good start. It’s the same principle as when people wear white shirts instead of darker ones on really hot days, if you’ve ever tried that, you know it helps!

Different Shades of White

White, overall, is the most popular colour choice for shutters in the UK. That’s partly because of all the reasons we mention on this page, but also because there are several different shades of white to choose. Here’s a look at the different types, and why you might like them.

  • Pure white: A pure white shutter is the brightest option. Sometimes, it fits perfectly, but other times it might be a bit too strong of a white and almost looks a bit clinical. It looks the cleanest and might stand out a bit more than some of the off-whites we’re about to talk about.
  • Silk white/bisque: A bisque or silk white adds a little more depth than a pure white, it almost looks like it’s aged a bit (but not dirty). 
  • Ivory/cream: These are warmer shades of white, and they work great if your room is darker because they won’t contrast nearly as much as the pure white. A darker room with pure white can come off looking a bit jarring, whereas an off-white will still look bright in the context of that room without standing out too much.

Timeless vs. Trendy

We’ve already briefly discussed the timeless yet trendy nature of plantation shutters, but it bears digging into a little more deeply. Plantation shutters themselves have been around for a long time, and they’re becoming more popular than ever. What changes more than the core design of these shutters are the colours that people choose.

There are plenty of homes using trendier colour choices like teal, or royal blue, or pink, or sage. These can make any room look bold and fun, but are you still going to want a trendy colour in 5, 10, 15 years from now? You might, but you also might want to consider going for something a bit more timeless like white plantation shutters.

It really comes down to knowing your room and knowing what you like. If you LOVE a bold colour choice, should you not get it just on the off-chance that you won’t like it as much many years from now? Of course not! But if you’re on the fence, and you could lean in either direction, then lean towards white and you’re more likely to still be happy with it in a decade or two.

Things to Watch for and Keep in Mind

White shutters might start to show dust a bit sooner than dark colours, but the nice thing about plantation shutters is that they’re very easy to clean so it just takes a quick wipe. Even using a paper towel or small hand duster, it only takes a moment to stand there and pass between each slat one time. In thirty seconds to a minute every couple of weeks, you can keep all the loose dust from settling in.

If you’re using shutters in a kitchen window that’s near where you do your food prep or in any other part of the house where they could get dirty, splashed, or otherwise soiled then you might want to go with a darker colour choice instead of white.

White Cafe Style Shutters

Plantation Shutters vs California Shutters UK?

You don’t have to live in California to enjoy California shutters, but what’s the difference between California shutters and plantation shutters?

They’re quite similar, the California tag just identifies shutters with thinner slats. If you like that aesthetic better, we can fabricate your shutters to match. 

Striking Style in your Home Will Have Visitors Saying “WOW!”

The number one reason to make any design choices in your home is that you’re going to love it. You’re the one paying for it and the one who lives there and will see it every day. Still, getting something that will draw compliments and awe from visitors to your home is always a nice little plus!

Don’t be surprised if your friends and family start asking where you got those shutters and installing their own once they get a glimpse of yours and how nice they look. It’s no surprise that a lot of shutter purchases come from word of mouth.

We can help you through the entire process of choosing and installing shutters in your UK home. We use local workers who know the area and know what works best, and we use local factories to manufacture them to bring you factory-direct pricing with neighborly service.

Fill out the form on this page to get in touch with us, we’re looking forward to answering all of your questions and helping you choose the perfect type of shutters for your home.